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Time Is The Rare Commodity That Drives Me

  I work for a local well-known insurance company. Truthfully, my boss works for the insurance company and I work for her. I am a grunt but, I can afford to eat and that's what matters. When I first started my job seven years ago, I truly thought it was the job of my dreams.

When I was a kid, 👧 I’d pretend that I was either a housewife with a white picket fence or a big-wig at an office job. I would pretend to answer the phone and say, “Thank you for calling. How can I help you?” ☎️ When I got tired of playing Office I would go back to playing Housewife. I’d pretend I had been cleaning the house all day and I’d make a fake supper for my make-believe husband. In my pretend life, I had plenty of time to get everything done.
In my real life, I don't have much time to get things done. 🕐 I get off work, walk in the door, and it’s time to start dinner. I cook a real dinner for a real husband and real kids. 🍔 My husband’s name is Jay and my boy’s names are Chance and Devun.

  Years ago, we ran into some financial problems, and had to file bankruptcy.🕳 If you’ve read my e-book you know exactly what I’m talking about. (See eBook Here.) We never wanted to get ourselves into a situation like that again, but we still needed to enjoy life a little bit. Right? Life’s short…blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it before, we all have. We knew we couldn't afford to take nice vacations or go to expensive restaurants so we decided to save money by finding a hobby we could do from home.
  My husband chose woodworking, and after the initial purchase of the woodworking machines and accessories, it was affordable for us to continue what we were doing.  As for myself, I didn’t pick a hobby, but I decided to spend my time learning to be frugal. This would help us afford the things that we wanted to do. (like pay for woodworking machines)💰
  I was hoping to squeeze more time out of each day to spend with my family. I believe the lucky fortunate people call this work-life balance. I might sound a little jealous and there is a good reason for that; I am jealous! By the time we had dinner and cleaned the kitchen each night, I had about an hour and a half left. This was usually homework time and then we’d take showers and go to bed.😴
  At that time, I didn’t go to work until 9:30 a.m. 🕤 The mornings were normally the time I would water my plants, find some deals for my upcoming trip to the grocery store, or tending to my vegetable garden. That was my schedule every weekday. It really bothered me and made me feel like a horrible mother and wife. 😞 I was already getting home a few minutes later than my husband. Half of my brain tells me I need to work to keep paying the bills and the other part of my brain tells me I need to be at home with my children. 
  Then, a good thing happened that made my life worse. (Yes, you read that right) At that time, we had three people working in our office, including me. The lady who had been there the longest moved out of town. So, guess what happened? I got a promotion and at that time I was so excited. Usually, when you work your butt off and you get a promotion, you’re happy, right? Wrong! My hours got changed. Now, I open and I close the office and my pay structure is set on salary pay. Now, I have less time at home! 

  I realized that most of the things I enjoyed doing in my personal time were being replaced with work. My boss is the only other employee, besides me, and she told me that she’ll never be available to open or close the office. So, I have no one I can call if I’ll be late or if I need the day off. I have nobody I can depend on at work. So, I have to figure out some way to get more time after work. 

  A couple of times per month, we like to invite our friends or family over for a nice dinner 🌭 or barbecue.  We also host all of the holiday 🎄 dinners at our house. Let's not forget about the family members that show up unannounced! We needed to find a solution that would allow us to host a dinner party in less time. We need it to be cheap and easy. (It’s not like I could quit my job!)
  So, we combined our hobbies. I decided I would buckle down and start saving money on groceries 🛍 and use that money to build something that would save us time. The plan was to create something on wheels that would allow me to use it anywhere in the kitchen. I needed it to include a cutting board so I could chop🪓 my fruit, vegetables, or cheese quickly.
  We built a solid wooden cart on wheels with a butcher tabletop and drawers. It would’ve worked great if I didn’t need to take it outside when we barbecued! 🌭
I needed something similar, but it had to be portable. We tried a few different ideas 💡(that didn't work) until we finally decided to simplify. We realized that people didn't need the next great invention. 🤔We just needed to find great products and make them better.
  We came up with our beautifully cohesive matching 3-Piece Party Set. 🤯 If someone comes over, I can grab this set off the fridge, remove the burlap dust protector and have a gorgeous table setting in 10 minutes! This works!
  All three pieces are part of a matching set, which is what pulls it all together. It's made with real locally harvested wood and two different types of wood species to make it unique. 😍 We use it for ALL of our holiday dinners, Sunday dinners, brunch, barbecues, birthday parties, and good ole regular get-togethers with friends or family. We save money 💰 when using the 3-Piece Matching Party Set because we use it as part of the table decoration!
  What makes me feel really good 😁 about this matching party set is that it's better for the Earth. 🌎 I had an old plastic cutting board and it had deep cut marks in it from the knife and those cuts hold bacteria. 🦠
The 3-Piece Matching Party Set worked so well at our dinner 🥩 parties that every single person that came to our house wanted us to make them a set! We decided we will continue to build the matching sets and make them available to anyone who wants one. These beautifully aesthetic matching party sets will speed up the time it takes to plan a party 🎈 while helping to keep plastic out of our landfills!
  We use this website at https://www.chasethedeals.com to sell all of our items including items we get from other manufacturers. Anything we make ourselves is made under Hollow Branch Creations DBA. 

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