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3 Easy Steps You Can Do TODAY To Save Time Without Any Extra Effort

It seems like time is the only thing I talk about. So why do I waste so much time talking about not having time?🕔 Ironic, isn’t it? I will tell you why. I am on a mission, well, two missions. Mission #1: Gain more time out of each week and Mission #2: Try to get people to replace one plastic item with wood 🌳 because it will decompose at a much faster rate, which is better for our Earth. 🌍 So, today, I will give you 3 steps you can start doing TODAY to save time.

  1. ) The biggest waste of time for many of us each day is something I call “Idle Time.” This is the unplanned time of the day where you get stuck. Imagine you are walking through your living room and a commercial is on the T.V. 📺 and you realize you have been standing in the middle of the room watching the entire commercial for something you will never purchase! Kudos to the company who caught your attention, 👍 but that was not the plan. If you plan your day, write it down on paper, you will be more productive and you will get things done. You won’t stop 🛑 to watch the commercial because you already had a plan to execute. You were on a mission.
  2. Plan your meals. 🥞 If you plan your meals for the week, you will save time at the store, at home, and you will save money!💰
  3. Try to combine the tasks of the day. For example: If you are making supper and you are standing over the stove, instead of waiting for the water to boil, you can wash the dishes you’ve already dirtied. Next, you can wipe off the counter-tops. Then, you can back to stirring your food. 🍲 There are many precious seconds wasted while cooking. You will be surprised how many things you will get done by combining your tasks.
  4. BONUS: We have a 3-Piece Matching Party Set that we keep on our refrigerator in a burlap dust protector bag. We can grab this set when we need to save some time. If someone comes over, I can grab this set off the fridge, remove the burlap dust protector and have a gorgeous table setting in 10 minutes! All three pieces are part of a matching set, which is what pulls it all together. It’s made with real locally harvested wood and two different types of wood species to make it unique. 😍 We use it for ALL of our holiday dinners, Sunday dinners, brunch, barbecues, birthday parties, and good ole regular get-togethers with friends or family. We save money 💰 when using the 3-Piece Matching Party Set because we use it as part of the table decoration!

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